The new Wetlab station extension box

Wetlab Ltd have just released the latest accessory to accompany the Disposable Wetlab Station (DWLS), the ‘Wetlab Extension boxes’ are designed to lift the DWLS up to a more realistic height as the chest would be in the operating theatre, after you have selected the right height you... Read more

EACTS 2011

EACTS 2011

Wetlab’s involvement with the 25th EACTS meeting at Lisbon was a great success. We facilitated an Edwards Lifesciences and a Sorin Group Perceval S Wetlab on the first and second day and two large Wetlabs on the third day for Sorin Group. Over 300 Cardiothoracic surgeons attended our... Read more

New design for the Disposable Wetlab Stations

We have recently been working on our renowned Disposable Wetlab stations, our new design replicates the chest better than before and have allowed them to be more versatile. We now also produce Minimal Invasive Wetlab boxes. More to follow Read more

A new era for Wetlab ltd

The 1st of September sees a new era for Wetlab Ltd with the ending of our exclusivity contract which means that we can now provide our award winning Wetlab services on the behalf of any company worldwide. Read more

Wetlab on youtube

Wetlab on youtube

Wetlab ltd has now launched its official Wetlab Youtube channel, here you can find training videos covering a wide range of cardiac procedures: Proximal Anastamosis Parachute Technique CABG Proximal Anastomosis: Tie Down Technique CABG Cardiac Surgery Distal Anastomosis: Parachute Technique CABG... Read more



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