NTN Meeting: A Beginners Guide Course

NTN Meeting: A Beginners Guide Course

Last week saw the inaugural NTN Meeting: A Beginners Guide Course take place of which Wetlab Ltd was a proud sponsor. It was a first for Cardiothoracic Surgery in the UK. Its aims are to allow tomorrow’s generation of consultants to really hit the ground running with their... Read more

New Anastomotic Skills Simulator

New Anastomotic Skills Simulator

We are proud to announce that Wetlab Ltd have developed a new 'Anastomotic Skills Simulator' We have had great reviews so far: "The Anastomotic Skills Simulator from Wetlab.co.uk is a great trainingtool to organize anastomotic skills simulation lab. It is very portable and modular,... Read more

ASiT Meeting 2012

During the weekend of 24th/25th March, Wetlab Ltd had the pleasure of attending the ASiT meeting in Cardiff. We were delighted to meet so many enthusiastic attendees.Wetlab was able to support Mr David O'Regan of Leeds General Infirmary who had a selection of hands on training techniques that... Read more

UHCW Cardiac surgical skills course

UHCW Cardiac surgical skills course  03 March 2012at the West Midlands Surgical Training Centre, Coventry UHCW Cardiac Surgical Skills Course• Focussing on coronary artery revascularisation (top and bottom ends)• Cannulation / Decannulation using realistic pulsatile aortic... Read more

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from WETLAB

Summarising Wetlab Ltd's 2011 As 2011 draws to an end and we look back at all the things we have done this year it's fair to say it's been a busy time for us. Wetlab has exploded on to the international scene, this year has seen us ship our Wetlab remote boxes to all corners of the... Read more



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