PAR Excellence Course 2016

PAR Excellence Course 2016

The 14th Par Excellence Course was kicked off for the first time in the new Yorkshire Heart Centre Wetlab at Leeds General Infirmary on Saturday. The unique two day CABG based course was headed by David J. O’Regan, Ashok Cherian, Rex Stanbridge and Sotiris Papaspyros and taught the delegates a range of techniques on how to practice at home and apply small changes to their suturing technique which translates to huge differences in their overall performance. During the first day the participants all perform a distal anastomosis and each are evaluated, during the rest of the hands-on course they are put through multiple training excercises on tissue and items that can easily be replicated at home, the tutors urge the delegates to use their non dominant hand and stand correctly for each stitch. At the end of the course the delegates are once again evaluated on a distal anastomisis, each delegates skills always dramatically improve, not only is each stitch well placed, they do it in a much shorter time!


For the past 14 years running this fantastic course we have always recieved brilliant 5 star reviews, this year was no different.

“The best course I’ve ever seen”

"This is a fantastic course. It changes the way you think about stitching. As a junior trainee I am always looking for ways to practice at home and in that respect the course was mind blowing.  Thanks a lot to all the faculty and the team"

It was a pleasure to meet all of this years delegates, they were a very skillfull bunch! Once again it was fantastic to see David, Ashok, Rex and Sotiris again. Thankyou to Medtronic and Liva Nova. We look forward to next year.

If you are interested in PAR Excellence 2017 or PAR Aortic 2017, keep checking the courses page.. dates to follow shortly!

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